Home.  Finally after 13 years of moving around we are home.  We have had homes in all the places we have lived but it didn’t feel like “home” until now.  You see, we just moved back to Ohio where both my husband and I grew up and went to college.  We have lived in some great places and met some amazing people over the past decade and we are so grateful for all of them. I truly believe that everyone comes in your life for a reason and we have been so lucky to have called some of them our friends and even family.

My journey started after graduating college in Ohio.  I decided to go for one more year of school to get my Master’s degree. My best friend was already committed to going to University of Tennessee so I looked up to see if they had a reading program and sure enough they did. Bam. I was on my way to Knoxville.

Knoxville was my first real experience being far away from home since my college was abut an hour and a half away. It was also my first experience in the south.  Wow, it was different.  We couldn’t believe the pools stayed open until October. Amazing. We met some great people in “Knoxvegas” and they brainwashed me to be a Vols fan.  Man, that was a mistake. 🙄

After a year I graduated with my Master’s degree and had to figure out where I was going next. Kevin was in Raleigh, as was my brother so I decided to look for jobs there.  Made sense.  Then Kevin got a call from Whirlpool (where he worked at the time) and they were promoting him to Myrtle Beach.  What? Like as in Myrtle Beach by the ocean? Umm, sign me up. We weren’t engaged at that time so it seems crazy that I would move someplace with my boyfriend but I will do anything to live at the beach.🤣 We got separate apartments for a year until someone got stabbed outside my apartment building then we decided it was smarter to just live together.  😬 Myrtle Beach was so fun.  The people, the bars, the beach.  Such a great experience.  But Kevin got promoted again after two years and we were sent to Atlanta.

We decided to buy a house in Atlanta together but I had a trip planned to Israel during the time that we had to choose a house. So, Kevin went to ATL and put an offer on a house that I had never seen. People can’t believe that I would trust him enough to do that but I did.  He did a good job and we had a fantastic first house!

Atlanta was great. Big city, lots of activities, sports, warm weather, big airport- it was a perfect fit.  But the best part about Atlanta was the people we met.  They were our family for the time we lived there. Watching our kids, listening to us complain about everything, making us dinners, cheering my kids on at sporting events, drinking with us…..they were all the best! We went through two houses and had all three kids in Atlanta. After our third, we decided it was time to move home. We needed to be closer to family. Our kids needed to grow up with grandparents and cousins and family.  It was all a blur because we decide to move with a newborn but we did it.  It was so tough to leave Atlanta.  Those people will be lifelong friends and they definitely came into our lives for a reason! Hopefully one day our kids will fall in love and get married so we can really be family. One can dream, right?

Being back in Ohio feels like home.  Family is all around us and the kids get to know their cousins more than seeing them once or twice a year. We get to be there for all the holidays, birthday parties, vacations and all the stuff in between.  We hope we can find amazing people here to fill the void of our amazing Georgia friends. Its going to be a tough job, but it is all worth it to see our kids grow up in the place we called home for so long.  So there you go, our life in a nutshell. O-H…..


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