Non-Toy Gifts For Kids

I am all for they joy and wonder of Christmas and Santa bringing all the toys that kids ask for.  There is nothing better than seeing their eyes when they unwrap that special item that they have been wanting for months.  Buuuuuut, then that toy that they have been dying to get their hands on keeps their attention for two days and then gets pushed to the back of the toy pile.  This happens to us EVERY year.  Hatchimals, Fingerlings, Playmobil, LEGOs and so on.  I’m sure it happens to every one.

This year I am going  (and asking grandparents) to get my children lots of non-toy items or experiences that will last longer than the trendy toys (rust me, they will be getting toys too).  I have made a list of my top non-toy items.  Hopefully this will help you as well to get more experiences with your child and less toys shoved in every corner of your house!

Non-Toy Holiday Gifts!!

  1. Zoo/Aquarium/Children’s Musuem Passes- whatever the best place for kids to go in your city is the perfect gift for the entire year!
  2. Classes- cooking classes, karate classes, ballet classes, gymnastics classes, swimming classes- all are great experiences for kids to keep them busy this winter. This is also great to pair with a tangible item that is needed for the class.  (New leotard for gymnastics classes, new apron for cooking classes, etc.)
  3. Date Nights- I LOVE taking each individual child on a date night.  Dinner, movie, theater.  Anything that they have to dress up and feel special.  They love spending time one on one with you.  My daughter asks her daddy to take her on a date every day.  It’s the cutest.
  4. Camps- buy a gift card (or make your own gift card) to send your littles to camp.  Baseball camp, basketball camp, princess camp- my kids love to go to these camps but they are so expensive! Great idea for grandparents! (And you get time away from you perfect little angels for the day)
  5. Kid’s Magazine Subscription– there are so many choices out there for great kid’s magazines.  Kids love getting mail and it is fun for them to read something different then books.  
  6. Educational Subscription Box- again there are a few choices out there for science subscription boxes.  Kiwi being one of them, Little Passports being another. My kids love making things but I never rhave time to prep science experiments.  These would be great every month because all the items are in the box with instructions!  So easy!
  7. Book Subscription Box– many companies are now doing kid’s book subscription boxes.  Once a month your child will get new books delivered to your door! Makes reading fun and exciting!
  8. Caterpillar/Butterfly Garden– This is a fun gift for kids to watch (and learn) the lifecycle of the butterfly.  
  9. Sleeping Bag/Suitcase– My kids love their sleeping bags and suitcases, not just for trips and sleepovers but for playing.  They love to play with these items and pretend play with each other.  Perfect gift!
  10. Craft Sets– paint your own pottery, making bath bombs, making jewelry, etc.  These are fantastic because you don’t have to put in any effort for your child to be engaged.  All the kits have everything you need and you just open and let them go to town!  Every kid loves to make things so these are perfect gifts that will get used throughout the year.  And if they don’t get used you can send them to my house, because both my kids will tackle someone to get their hands on some crafts!

Hope this helps keep your kids nice and busy throughout the year and maybe just maybe keep them out of your hair for a minute!!! 


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