Amazon Jumpsuit Try On Session!!

I don’t think there is anyone who loves Amazon as much as I do. And now that they are starting to add more and more fashion items, I love them even more (not sure if that’s possible). I love the convenience of prime shipping, free returns and most importantly….their prices!! Here I am trying on my fave trend for spring and summer, JUMPSUITS! I absolutely love all of these so it was tough for me to rank them but here it goes:

#1: Racer Back Jumpsuit (mine is a size small in navy)

This was my absolute FAVORITE!! It is a dressier fabric and SO COMFORTABLE! You could really dress it up or down for any occasion. The only bad part about this one was that it was a little too long for me. (I’m 5’4″) But, I like it so much that I am keeping it and getting it hemmed to fit me. Its that good. The waist is adjustable to move up or down depending on how much or how little draping you want. The neckline is a super flattering v-neck and the back is a racerback style. If I had more than two thumbs I would give this one all of them!! LOVE! Comes in 6 different colors. Fits true to size, I’m wearing a small and that is my normal size. At the time of writing this, it is $29.99.

#2: Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit (wearing a small in black)

I absolutely love this jumpsuit almost as much a the first one. To be honest, I will probably wear this one way more because it is much more casual than the 1st. Fits perfectly (wearing a small). The length is PERFECT (I am 5’4″). This is going to be a staple in my wardrobe this spring and summer. The fabric is super lightweight. The elastic waist can go up or down depending on how much draping you need. This is also a great way to adjust the length too! Just pull the waist up higher and the length gets shorter. Comes in 10 different colors!! And at the time of writing this it is only $22.99!!!

#3: Plaid Halter Jumpsuit (wearing a small in black)

How cute is this plaid? I love the print on this one. This was the cheapest jumpsuit at only $17.99 and you would never be able to tell. It is well made and super cute. There is not as much draping in this one so it doesn’t hide your tummy as much as the other ones do. Also, this one had elastic around the ankles which made it fit perfectly for even short girls like me! This one comes in 4 color choices. Super stylish and making my job of ranking these really tough.

My last choice is just as good as the rest, but I just wasn’t as big of a fan of the sleeves. I know tons of girls who prefer some sort of sleeve so I wanted to include this one too because it is still really cute! I am wearing a small and it fits perfectly, even in length. The fabric is a more casual fabric, almost identical to my #2 choice. The waist is adjustable and the v-neck is flattering. This would be a perfect choice for someone who wants to try the jumpsuit trent but isn’t comfortable showing off all the skin on the top! Comes in 4 color choices.

There you go! My top 4 jumpsuits on Amazon! Hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you in your search for the perfect jumpsuit this year!!

*This post contain affiliate links. I receive a very small commission (at no cost to you) off these links if you decide to purchase. I greatly appreciate all your support!

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  1. Katie Milam says:

    All of these are so good!! And Prime shipping makes it even better!

  2. I think that plaid one is my favorite! I definitely can’t wait for jumpsuit season

  3. You found the mother load of jumpsuits! I literally want all of them, xx!

  4. renee sweeting says:

    This is so cute! The first one is my favorite as well!

  5. Loved all of these!!

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