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Spring cleaning is here and everyone is ready to downsize their closets! I am guilty of hanging onto clothes for waaaaay too long. I have shirts from high school that I just can’t get rid of! As I get older, I realize I wear almost the same outfit every day. Some clothes get worn all the time and others haven’t seen life outside my closet for YEARS. I am breaking down the 20 items that you need in your closet this spring. You can make hundreds of outfits from these 20 items. From grocery shopping to date night, these picks will have you feeling put together and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. I did not include any work outfits in this list, but if you wear mostly work outfits then you could sub in more work looks for the more casual looks! Majority of these items are under $50. Enjoy!


Let’s start with the basics you will need. Shoes, purses and jewelry.

  1. A tote/purse- Circle Rattan Purse // Camel Tote : A good purse is a must have and whether you need a big one to keep everything under the sun in or you want a smaller purse just for the essentials, these two are perfect! Love the camel color and the rattan is huge for spring and summer.

2. Stackable Bracelets & Simple Gold Necklace : Both of these pieces will go with every outfit and help you feel more put together.

3-5. SHOES!! My favorites for spring are a simple mule, peeptoe booties and a simple slip-on sneaker. I will also add a link to my favorite sandals in case you live in a place that is not Ohio and is actually warm in the spring.


Ok, now that we have the extras let’s dive into the good stuff! This section will include all the tops that you need for spring and maybe a dress. From basic to something a little “extra”, these tops will be your base for your outfits so they are definitely most important!

6. Basic Tees: These are a necessity for any wardrobe. I am obsessed with these $8 tees. They come in a ton of colors, I would choose two different colors. One of which should be a plain white or black and then maybe one a fun color! If you aren’t a plain v-neck kind of girl you can spice it up with a cute peplum tee.

7. A fancy cami / tank / short sleeve top : This should be a top that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories and pants. Something that can be worn with jeans and a cardigan for daytime activities and can also be worn under a blazer or by itself with black pants for a night on the town! I linked my favorite options for each category since I know not everyone is comfortable showing their shoulders!

8. Lightweight Sweater & Cardigan : Spring days (and nights!) can get cold so some days you will need a sweater. Sweaters are also great with shorts for those in between kid of days. Also, everyone needs a good cardigan (or two if you have the budget!). Just be sure to choose a lighter, neutral color for spring that will match with all your tops!

9. Graphic Tee (more linked below) : A good graphic tee can go under a blazer, cardigan or be worn on its own with different pants for different occasions.

10. Classic Button Down Top : A classic button down top can be worn in so many ways. From the most casual look with distressed jeans and sneakers to a more sophisticated look with black pants and a blazer. Stick with the classic colors or subtle stripes (whites, gray, light blue), you will get the most wear out of simple colors.

11. A pretty patterned top (more below): Here is your chance to add some fun colors and patterns into your wardrobe. This piece should be an everyday wear top with a fun print or favorite color to brighten up your wardrobe. This will be that shirt that you throw on when you are feeling a little “extra” peppy.

12. Jumpsuit / Dress : There are times that you need to have a dressier option in your closet. If you are like me, then you have 10 dresses from 2005 that just hang out (pun intended) in your closet. I find that one good dress or one good jumpsuit that can be worn with different shoes/different jewelry/different jackets gets the most wear.


13. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans : EVERYONE needs at least one pair of simple dark wash skinnies. These jeans go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Find a pair you love and that fit perfectly.

14. Black Pants / Jeans : These should be plain black pants. These will be the pants you put on for date night with one of your dressier tanks and a blazer or for more dressier occasions.

15. White Pants / Ankle Pants / Linen Pants : White is no longer just a spring and summer color. Winter white are so popular so make sure you have a good pair that will last through all the seasons. Not a white pants fan? A good colored jean or ankle pant or even linen pants are other great options to lighten up your wardrobe for spring.

16. High Waisted Leggings : This needs no explanation. I only have one recommendation because they are the best and you will wear them every day. (Same brand – different stores)

17. Distressed Jeans : I understand that not everyone likes a good pair of distressed jeans but I know I wear them almost every day. I included two options with different amounts of distressing. They give you a little “flair” for casual days.


The last category!! Springtime means the weather is warm one day and cold the next! Don’t forget these layering basics that will go with any of the items above!

18. Utility Jacket : The perfect jacket for spring. End of story. Can literally be worn with anything to keep you warm this spring. Love the detailing and pockets on these two choices below.

19. Denim/Jean Jacket : Jean jackets are back in full force this year again. I am loving the medium or light wash jackets. Pair over pants, leggings, skirts, dresses….pretty much anything in your closet. Here is my fave of the year:

20. Yay for #20! My last item on the list is the most popular item this spring. BLAZERS! Plain blazers, striped blazers, you name it and they are everywhere! I love that you can wear blazers with almost anything now. They are so versatile! Here are my faves:

Thank you so much for checking out my top 20 items for your spring capsule wardrobe! Also, this post contains affliate links to many products. I get a small commision (at no cost to you!) for any item you purchase through these links. Thank you so much for your support. Love you all!


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