Trying To Stay Organized + GIVEAWAY!

Having three kids is tough. Keeping up with everyone’s schedule is almost impossible. Football, hockey, baseball, soccer, dance, gymnastics, costume days at school and all the end of the year parties. It is INSANE! Ive started a system that works well for us and is all super affordable!

My Monthly Calendar

My Planner

My first line of defense when it comes to tackling everyone’s schedule is my planner. I have a weekly planner that I keep on my counter at all times. As soon as I book something it goes into my planner. Doctor appointments, practice schedules- you name it, it’s in there. I love the planner because there is ample space for every day of the year. It’s great for long term and short term planning. Check out my favorite planners below!

My Big Monthly Calendar

This is my calendar that I write everyone’s schedules on for the month. Each day has the time and event written down in dry erase marker. This huge calendar is in our mudroom so it gets looked at every time we enter the house and every time we leave the house. It is a great visual reminder of daily events going on. Everyone can quickly read it and it can’t get lost beneath papers on the counter! Below are some of my favorite dry erase calendars.

My Weekly Meal Planner

Dinners are the worst. Planning every night is such a pain if you do it on the fly, at least for me. I plan our meals out for the week and write them on the board. That way, no one can complain about what’s for dinner that night and I don’t have to think of a meal after a long day. Win win situation for everyone!

Weekly Meal Planner

So there you have it! My organizational tips for your home. I use these every day along with my phone calendar of course. Every little bit helps when you are managing five people! Have a tips to staying oraganized? Let me know in the comments!


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