My Favorite Amazon Products and $400 Giveaway!

It’s no secret that Amazon is the easiest and most convenient way to shop these days. With free 2 day shipping and millions of products just waiting to find a new home, you can’t lose. Well, that’s not true. I have lost many times with sub par products that were not at all what they look like on the screen. But, I have found some FANTASTIC ones that I love! I am breaking down my top 10 Amazon products that I am loving right now (excluding clothes, shoes and accessories of course!).

Also, at the end of this post is a chance to enter to win a $400 Amazon gift card! Don’t miss out, it is super easy to enter!

1. Steamer

I could not live without my steamer. I hate ironing with a passion. This steamer heat up in 45 seconds and takes all the wrinkles out so fast! My husband has even traveled with this one because he hates hotel irons and claims they ruin his clothes. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t touched an iron in years.

2. Baby Sound Machine

I know I don’t technically have a baby anymore but this thing is amazing for $9.95. It will stay on all night if you want it to or it has a timer. It is small enough to take ANYWHERE! It isn’t the loudest sound machine on the market but it has lasted us for years and I love the fact that it is so portable.

3. Egg Cooker

Well, this is turning out to be the most random list ever and we just got started! This little egg cooker is my favorite in the kitchen. It makes 6 perfect hard-boiled eggs, every time. You can adjust the water level to make the eggs to your liking (hard, medium or soft). It is so easy and so fast, with minimal clean-up. Yes, please.

4. Tinkle Razors

If you have been around these parts for awhile, you know I love a good Tinkle razor! The perfect tool for getting rid of all that unwanted hair on your face. Easy to use and so cheap! Try them out to get baby soft skin. Your makeup will go on smoother and your skin will look a lot better.

5. Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

Another great Amazon product that I could not live without! Nothing fancy, but it keeps all of my kids activities sorted out so that I can easily see what are plans are for the month!

6. Beauty Blenders

If you do not own beauty blenders for your makeup then you need to get these. Now. They are $9 for 5 of them and they will help blend our makeup so that you are getting the full benefits of the make up without the harsh lines!

7. Milani Retouch & Erase

I can’t say enough about this little tube. It works as well, if not better than a lot of my more expensive concealers. It works so well on my dark under eye circles. I will forever buy this stuff from now on. You will not be disappointed, especially for this price!

8. Kid’s Art Kit

This art kit has been a lifesaver with my kids. Get each of your kids one of these kits and put their names on it so there is no fighting. Even my son loves having his own kit and will sit and create for a long time. They love that it has thier very own paper and easel right in the kit.

9. Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits is another great toy for kids. This is the Jr. version but they also have a pro version that is on my son’s list already! (He is 7 and can now independently build all the Jr. ones pretty quickly) start with this one since it is only about $30 and work your way up to the pro!

10. Makeup Organizer

I just ordered this from Amazon and can not wait for it to arrive! Such a great deal for a big makeup kit. It has unbelievable reviews and if it will help organize my crap, I am sold!

There is my top 10 non-clothing products from Amazon right now! Thanks for reading and in case you scrolled all the way down to just enter the giveaway, you can stop scrolling NOW.

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