Popular Fashion Trend of Summer: SHELLS!

One of the most popular fashion trends for the summer is shell accessories. Shoes, bracelets, earrings….you name it and it is out there! Its like living in the 90’s again and I am down for it. The key to any trend is to take it in moderation and don’t overspend as you never know how long the trend will be around. You certainly don’t want a $300 pair of shell earrings lying around after you wore them once.

Below I am going to break down my favorite shell pieces in a few categories. All items will be affordable with great reviews! Have fun and don’t be scared to try out a new trend!


Jewelry is a great way to incorporate this hot trend into your wardrobe affordably! I love the subtle hint of the trend so it is not so “in your face”. Earrings or a simple necklace can easily be worn with any outfit, day or night. Check out a few of my favorite items below!

Here are a few more options, click on any of them for more information!


Shoes are another way to incorporate this hot trend into your wardrobe! Pick a cute sandal for casual, everyday outfits or choose a wedge or espadrille for a night out on the town. Here is my top pick for sandals along with a few others below!

Here are a few more options! Click on any of the pictures for more info!

Shells are here to stay and I am officially loving this popular trend of the summer. Remember, the most important part of trying a new trend is to have fun and be confident!! Let me know what you think of this new trend that is everywhere! Love to you all!


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