Summer Party Essentials!

What’s better than an outside party in the summer? Be prepared with my top five favorite summer party essentials to keep your guests entertained, the drinks cold and the food off the ground! What more can you ask for? I always struggle at the last minute to get everything ready for my guests so check out my list and be prepared!!

#1: Yard Pong, (Amazon $49.99)

yard games

Every party needs some action and this yard pong set is perfect. Every one can get it on the action and set up is minimal. This game is simple to play and you can play with 2 + players. We recently played with 8 people (4 on each team) and it was an absolute blast! The set also comes with a storage bag for easy storage and clean up.

#2: Camp Chairs, (Wal-Mart $40)

outdoor chairs

Camp chairs are a must for any outdoor party! These ones are affordable and sturdy with two cup holders. Triple win! I always have extra camp chairs in our garage because you can use them anywhere. The fold up nicely and come with a bag for easy storage!

#3: Table in a Bag, (Amazon $50)

camping table

This is my favorite item on the list. A table in a bag? Umm, yes please! This table comes completely apart and fits in a small narrow bag. Set up takes about three minutes and is super simple. These are so great to have to set up in the yard with camp chairs for food or drinks! They can also be used for camping or wherever you could use an extra table. Seriously, these tables are amazing. I am slightly obsessed.

#4: Bose Outdoor Waterproof Speaker, (Amazon, $99.00)

outdoor speaker

This speaker is a little pricier than my other picks but it is worth every penny. This speaker is small and mighty. Don’t let the small size fool you, it has fantastic sound. It is also waterproof which is a must for outdoor parties. This speaker can be taken to the pool, beach or on your patio! It is lightweight and portable, the battery life is great as well.

#5: YETI Rambler, (Amazon, $24.99)

drink cooler

Another item that is worth every penny. This wine tumbler keeps drinks cold for hours and is the perfect size for not just wine, but all kinds of delicious summer drinks! They also sell 2-packs for $44.99 which is a great deal, especially since you probably wont be drinking alone!

There are my top 5 summer party essentials for you! Just add some fun summer cocktails and delicious summer food and you are set! Having a pool party? Be sure to read my post on Water Safety here. Have fun this summer and be safe!


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