How to Style A Chambray Dress for the Fall!

Fall is finally here and fall fashion (and pumpkin spice latte) is out in full force! But don’t say goodbye to those spring and summer dress yet, I have a few tips to make those dresses last through the fall months! Below you will find 6 different ways to style a chambray dress (or any dress in your closet!) for the fall without breaking the bank!

how to style a chambray dress
Classic Chambray Dress with long sleeves, button down top and a tie waist. My fave!

Chambray or denim dresses are a closet staple for any woman at any age. It is such a classic fabric that can be taken through the seasons with the addition of a few accessories! If you don’t already own a chambray dress consider investing in one to have on hand in your closet. Trust me when I say they can be used for MANY different occasions, I promise you will wear it all the time. Choose a dress that fits your style and body shape. Do you like sleeves? V-neck? Wrap top? Button down? So many styles and they all will work!

Here are 6 different ways that I have styled my chambray dress for the fall, but the possibilities are endless! Jackets, blazers, boots, booties, scarves, cardigans…you name it and you can wear it!

Cardigan and Sneakers

Running errands around town, casual work outfit, volunteering at the school, dropping all the kids off at daycare (one can dream, right?). Then here is a casual outfit for you! Add a cardigan around your waist and some sneakers and off you go- stylish mom on the go!

Moto Jacket and Boots

Feeling a little edgy with your style? Pair a moto jacket and tall boots as the weather gets colder for a more edgy style. Moto jackets are a must as we head inot the fall. I was shocked at how much I wore mine last year. I highly recommend investing in a good black moto jacket! I linked two of my favorites below the pic.

Blazer and Booties

Nothing to wear to the the girl’s night you were invited to for the 1st time in 3 years? Throw on a colorful blazer or jacket and some trendy booties and you are set! This would also be a great work outfit for a Friday when you head out for happy hour straight from work. The best part of chambray is that it pretty much can pair with any pattern or color!

Cardigan and Booties

The go-to fall outfit. Throw on a shrug cardigan and some taupe booties and you will be ready for any fall event from pumpkin patches to the 10 PTO meetings about that amazing fundraiser they need your help for. Maybe they won’t notice you in the back hiding. Just kidding, with this outfit everyone will notice you.

Long Cardigan and Booties

Don’t have a shrug cardigan? Don’t fret, just use a long pocket cardigan and some cute booties. Don’t have a long pocket cardigan? Then click the links below and get one. Now. Everyone needs a few of these in their closets. This is my “teacher look”. So perfect for teachers or any casual workplace and not to mention so comfy!

Moto Jacket and Booties

Last but definitely not least, the date night look. Moto jacket and snakeskin booties. Killing it. Guys can never resist the bad girl, just like girls can’t resist the bad guy. Proven fact. Up your date night outfit with these two simple additions and your significant other will completely overlook the extra 60 minutes it took you to get ready ( and the extra hour of the babysitter you are paying for due to said “get ready” time).

Obviously there are a ton more ways to style a chambray dress for the fall. You can always throw a scarf on top of the dress or just wear it by itself. The key here is to not be afraid to dive deep into that closet, we all know there are clothes in their from college so start pulling them out and use them! (And if you’re not using them – get rid of them! But that’s a post for another day).

Happy fall y’all!


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