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Amazon legging review coming your way! I rounded up the top 4 highly rated leggings on Amazon and tested them out for myself! Being a savvy shopper on Amazon can be tough since the amount of product on the site is overwhelming. Reviews are your best bet at finding those hidden gems. The more 4 and 5 star reviews the better, also be sure to check out pictures and comments for more in depth reviews!

For this Amazon legging review, I chose the top rated pairs on Amazon under $40. I chose a shade of gray for all of them and ordered them all in a size small, my normal size so that I could get a good comparison of fit and color! For reference I am 5’4″ and usually a size 2. I’ll start with my favorite and work my way down! (They are all great, hence the great reviews but I had the tough job of ranking them!)

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1st PLACE: The Hands Down Winner

amazon legging
High Rise Dotted Yoga Leggings
Fit true to size

These high waisted leggings were my absolute favorite by a landslide. The fit is perfect (true to size) and the length was not long on me. The fabric was the perfect amount of stretch and compression without being uncomfortable. The perfectly placed dots made it look like I had more muscle tone than I actually do AND it made me look like I had a booty. Hold the phone while I order 10 more. But for real, these leggings were everything I was looking for in a good athleisure legging.

Overall: 12/10

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2nd Place: Best Soft Fabric

amazon legging
High Rise Space Gray Leggings
Fit True To Size- slightly long on me at 5’4″

These leggings were a close second. The fit overall was very good. The length was a little long on me at 5’4″ but not too bad. I loved the perfectly placed seams on the legs and around the bum. Super flattering for any body shape or type. The fabric on these were a soft but thick fabric, not your typical slippery athletic fabric. These came in slightly less than the 1st pair at $19.95 which is super reasonable for a good pair of leggings. I love the high waist of these along with the pockets on the sides and at the waist. Nothing wrong with these, the other ones are just amazing.

Overall: 10/10

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3rd Place: The Best Athletic Fabric

amazon legging
High Rise Pocket Leggings
Fit true to size – Slightly long on me at 5’4″

These leggings were very similar to the 2nd place pair but the seams were not in the correct spot to make it as flattering as the other pair, which is why they came in 3rd place. The fabric on these leggings are more of a “slippery” athletic fabric, which could be better for actual working out. (I will not be testing any of these out on a run because well…I don’t run) The length on these was also a little long and not tight around the ankles like the 1st pair. Overall these are a good pair of leggings, especially if you can get them on sale for for under $15.

Overall: 9/10

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#4: The Best Lounge Leggings

amazon legging
Buttery Soft Leggings
One size or size 12-24

These leggings came in last place for me because I was looking for more of a compression legging and these are more of a thin, lounge legging. The material is super soft and stretchy and they are super comfortable. The length was again a little long on me and they were baggy towards the ankle. I ordered the size “one size” but they also had a 12-24 size as well. These would be perfect for lounging around the house in or for wearing a tunic over and running errands but not so much a performance legging. These leggings also show all the “lumps and bumps” so I would stick to the darker colors!

Overall: 7/10

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Overall, these are all great finds for the price tag. But the best part? They all come with prime shipping and free returns! Let me know if you try any of these out and your thoughts on this Amazon legging review! Thanks for reading!

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