Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

The hardest person to shop for on everyone’s list is usually the man in their lives. Husbands, dads, father-in-laws, brothers, boyfriends…you name it and I guarantee you have no idea what to get them. Why is this? In my case its because as soon as November hits my husband goes on an online shopping spree and buys everything he needs for himself, leaving nothing for the rest of us to get him. Pretty sure all men do this to be difficult. But have no fear – I have a men’s holiday gift guide that (hopefully) will give you lots of ideas for that special man in your life!

Check out my men’s holiday gift guide down below to find my top gifts that any man would be happy to receive!

  1. Wireless Waterproof Speaker 2. New Balance Sneakers 3. Whiskey Gift Set 4. Quilted Vest 5. Flannel Shirt 6. Manly Toiletry Bag 7. Quilted Jacket 8. Leather Briefcase/Travel Bag 9. Power Washer Attachment 10. Grilling Man Crate 11. AirPods Pro 12. Fizzics Beer Dispenser 13. Sperry Duck Boots 14. Apple Watch 15. Weather Station 16. Noise Cancelling Headphones 17. Chromebook 2 in 1 18. Patagonia Pullover

Wireless Waterproof Speaker

This little speaker is fantastic to have around the house. Inside, outside – this little guy goes everywhere. It has no wires and it is also waterproof, but most importantly it puts out great sound. Comes in a few colors and under $100!

New Balance Sneakers & Duck Boots

A new pair of sneakers means you can get rid of the 5 year old, smelly ones that are sitting in your mudroom stinking up the house. Sold. These are an affordable, classic option that any man would love. Does he already own 200 sneakers like my husband? Try these Sperry duck boots. I got these for my husband last year and they were a hit for the winter. Great quality and great price!

Whiskey Gift Set

Here is a gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your family. This set comes with a personalized whiskey decanter and personalized glasses along with a few other whiskey essentials for any home bar. Just add the whiskey!

Quilted Vest & Flannel

We all want our man or dads to dress better. Always nagging them to get rid of their clothes from 15 years ago. Well, here is your chance to spruce them up a bit! This quilted vest is excellent quality and looks great on everyone. Throw in these super soft flannels and he will be all set!

Manly Toiletry Bag

Here is a travel bag that they will love. Durable and manly with no spilled shaving cream at the bottom from three years ago. Score. Throw in a shaving kit with this gift and call it a day!

Jacket & Pullover

Remember those clothes that we talked about above from 15 years ago? Yes, that includes jackets too. Treat him to a new, stylish jacket that he can wear anywhere. If he isn’t into jackets then these pullovers are another great option. Again, pair these with a flannel and he will be set for winter!

Leather Briefcase/ Travel Bag

Here is a briefcase/travel bag that is high quality, stylish and won’t break the bank. Perfect for the anyone who travels or has a computer! Comes in a black option as well.

AirPods Pro & Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is THE gift of the year. The Apple store says they run out about 24 hours after each shipment. I tried these ear buds on in the store and they are just as amazing as they say they are. Excellent sound quality and most importantly, a noise cancelling option. Bye bye screaming children, we can’t hear you.

These Bose noise cancelling headphones are very similar but in the over the ear style. The wire version is a more affordable purchase if airpods aren’t in the budget!

Apple Watch

Another gift of the year is the Apple Watch. It pretty much does everything your phone does and you have it all right on your wrist. It’s definitely a pricier gift but is worth every penny!

Power Washer Surface Attachment

Random, I know but this power washer attachment is legit so much fun to use. It can power wash your driveway or sidewalks way faster than the normal sprayer. If you have a power washer than you need this bad boy.

Grilling Man Crate

These man crates are so much fun. You literally have to open them with the enclosed crowbar. How fun is that? This grilling set has lots of essentials for that grillmaster in your life and you get good food out of it! Double win!!

Fizzics Beer Dispenser

This beer dispenser is perfect for the beer lover. It fits 64 oz. growlers or less in the tank and delivers draft beer right to your cup. Works with bottles, liters or the growler bottles. Easy to use and make the beer taste just like drafts at the bar! Would make a perfect gift with a gift card to your favorite growler/beer store!

Chromebook 2-in-1

This is a great little laptop to have around the house as it is a 2-in-1 computer. The screen can also be used as a touchpad. Super portable to take around the house or on travel trips. Everyone will love this addition to the house and it is a more affordable option then some of the fancier laptop and desktop computers.

Weather Station

Yes, we all get the weather on our phone but this little weather station is a fun little tool to have around the house. Put the sensor outside and this weather station will start to predict the weather based on barometric pressure, humidity and temperature. It also tells you the date, time and moon phase. Perfect for the guy always checking the weather, you may buy yourself a few minutes less of phone time in the mornings!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the men’s holiday gift guide. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my next set of gift guides coming soon!



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