10 Ways To Style A Denim Jacket!

Denim jackets are definitely a closet staple. I currently own both a medium wash and a light wash denim jacket. I chose this one to style today. It is the perfect basic jean jacket and runs true to size. Its affordable but also excellent quality and will last years. The best part of denim jackets is their versatility- you can take them from work to play super easily! Check out the 11 ways I am styling this denim jacket!

1. Striped Top, Black Pants, Snakeskin Mules, Crossbody Bag

Denim Jacket // Striped Tee // Black Pants // Snakeskin Mules // Crossbody Bag

2. V-neck Tee, White Jeans, Black Mules

Denim Jacket // V-Neck Tee // White Jeans // Black Mules

3. Graphic Tee, Leggings, Sneakers

Denim Jacket // Graphic Tee // Spanx Leggings // Sneakers

4. Tunic Top, Distressed Jeans, Leopard Slip Ons

Denim Jacket // Tunic Top // Distressed Black Jeans // Leopard Sneakers

5. Jumpsuit, Black Slip On Sneakers

Denim Jacket // Jumpsuit (runs big) // Sneakers

6. Wrap Dress, Booties

Denim Jacket // Wrap Dress // Booties (similar)

7. Striped Midi Dress, Sandals, Crossbody Bag

Denim Jacket // Midi Dress // Sandals // Crossbody Bag (similar)

8. Romper, Sandals, Backpack

Denim Jacket // Romper // Sandals // Backpack

9. Button Down Shirt, Distressed Black Jeans, Slip On Sneakers

Denim Jacket // Utility Shirt // Distressed Black Jeans // Slip On Sneakers

10. Maxi Dress & Sandals

Denim Jacket // Maxi Dress // Sandals

Hope you enjoyed my 10 ways to style a denim jacket!!

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